Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Steps

Last week was the first leg of the Unshelved Fall Speaking Tour, and as usual I got a lot of programming done on the flights. There's something magical about the creativity imposed by six hours without Internet.

On the way there I replaced our pretty sidebar icons with even-prettier ones supplied by Paul, and added Art to the About page. More importantly I implemented actual blog support, with databases, permalinks, and stuff like that. On the way back I revamped our RSS (actually Atom) support, with improved compatibility (it almost validates!) and blog posts like this one.

Things that are making my life wonderful right now:

  • Mercurial

Things that are making my life difficult right now:

  • Mercurial (difficult to configure it to deploy to IIS)
  • NHAML (lots o bugs, difficult to debug)

My next flight is in November, so I guess that's the next time I'll do more work on the site...

P.S. Because of the changes to our feed you may suddenly get a giant lump of repostings to your newsreader. Sorry!