Not Invented Here comic strip for 10/20/2009
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Desmond: Art asked for a couple of slides.
Owen: What? I gave him a couple.

Desmond: "Couple" means "two".
Owen: No, it's like "few"; it indicates a range of values.

Desmond: Your parents are a couple. There are just two of them.
Owen: Not if you count Aunt Talia. Well, she's not really my aunt... She just sleeps over a lot.

Separated at Birth

Reader Alan Winston noticed a resemblance between Meatloaf, the chapeaued hamster at the bottom of our blog, and his sidekick Melvin:

Meatloaf hasn't even really made his debut yet and already he has fan mail. I hope the little guy is ready for stardom.