Not Invented Here comic strip for 10/21/2009
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Desmond: And what is this supposed to be?
Owen: A pie chart! A 3D pie chart.

Owen: I got it all. Embossing. Drop shadows. This is quality chartsmanship from a certified master chartist.

Desmond: Yes, but what does it represent?
Owen: Man's inhumanity towards man.

One Month

Today we celebrate our first month! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us from the first day, an act of faith since we went against conventional wisdom by launching without an already-populated archive. Hopefully by now you've seen enough to get a sense of Owen and Desmond. Readership has been growing steadily. I have to confess I am both excited and nervous as our strip starts to spread through the software community, but I've seen enough positive feedback to think that many of you will like it.

Special kudos to Paul, who has put up with my nitpicking ways and delivered awesome art and great writing collaboration every week. I'm hoping we can grow Not Invented Here quickly enough to help pay for his anticipated extra expenses. You can help by telling a friend! Or ten!