Not Invented Here comic strip for 10/11/2010
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Monday, October 11, 2010


Owen: How'd it go with Art?
Desmond: The same. He just doesn't get open source.

Owen: Remember, he's from a different generation. In his day sources were never... openized.

Desmond: That's it! He needs to be educated!
Owen: To the EDUMACATOR!

Help a Librarian Today

Over on my other comic strip Unshelved we started a StackExchange site called Unshelved Answers, which helped librarians answer questions from other librarians, often stumpers originally posed by library patrons. It was quite popular, but then StackExchange famously changed their business model and our orphaned site will go away in the Spring.

(I myself am not a librarian, but I strongly believe that libraries help make the world a better place, and anything we can do to help librarians do their job better is a good thing.)

Here's where we need your help. We've proposed a Libraries site for the new StackExchange. It's gotten hundreds of commits on Area 51, but most Unshelved readers don't have reputation on any of the StackExchange sites, so progress is stuck at 16%. If you have good reputation from StackOverflow, etc., and are willing to support a site devoted to helping librarians do a better job helping people, please help us by committing to the Libraries StackExchange proposal.

Thank you.