Not Invented Here comic strip for 2/22/2010
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Monday, February 22, 2010

There are few sports more exciting than this particular race to the bottom. The winner is the one who started working on the lamest, least-functional piece of hardware. Bonus points if your story includes the phrase "wax drum" or mocks that newfangled technology called "binary".


Umesh: There's the problem: we're off by one.
Desmond: Debuggers sure are better than they used to be!

Umesh: I remember when we used debugging terminals.
Desmond: I remember when we didn't have access to source code.

Umesh: Breakpoints!
Desmond: Trace statements!
Umesh: VT100!
Desmond: Teletype!
Owen: Punch cards.

Desmond: Bullshi--
Owen: You always forget that summer I worked at the computer museum.