Not Invented Here comic strip for 3/8/2010
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Monday, March 8, 2010

This strip is lovingly dedicated to my Unshelved collaborator Gene Ambaum, who wouldn't know a shortcut if it shaved him and gave him a happy ending.


Desmond: There's a typo at the end of the line.
Owen: Right you are!

Owen taps the arrow key a bunch of times.

Owen taps the arrow key even more times.

Owen (tapping the arrow key once more): No time.

Emerald City Comic Con

I'll be at Seattle's super-awesome Emerald City Comic Con this weekend at booth 206, which Unshelved is sharing with the sublime Book of Biff. It's a little too early for Not Invented Here books and merchandise, but I'll be happy to make a quick sketch for you (I promise to really butcher Owen and Desmond) and hear your favorite story from the software world.