Not Invented Here comic strip for 5/4/2010
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Owen: Whoa! Who robbed the conference room?
Fang: Something called "scrum"...

Fang: From now on, we stand in all meetings, during which we share everything we've done or plan to do for the next five minutes, after which we have another meeting.

Owen: What? Outrageous!

Fang (confronting Marketroid): This idea is half-cocked!
Owen: I'm the one who half-cocks the ideas around here!

A New Southworth

A hearty congratulations to my Not Invented Here co-creator Paul for his tiny, tiny part today in creating a new human being, Isaac Thomas Southworth. Mother and baby are doing well, father is freaked out and taking way too much credit. In lieu of gifts please tell everyone you know about our comic strip so Paul can eventually afford to pay tuition at what will presumably be a very expensive art school.