Not Invented Here comic strip for 1/26/2011
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

See, here at Not Invented Here we have more than one stereotype about computer scientists. We have two. Actually if you include Owen's recumbent bicycle I think we're downright open-minded. Oh wait, he just got rid of that. Nevermind.


Desmond: Um, hey Barley. I got your note.
Barley: Mr. Kalani! I'm so delighted that you decided to join me!

Barley: I've admired your work from afar for years, but it was your recent change in physical appearance that told me you were ready to take the next step.

Desmond: My beard?
Barley: Nothing says you're ready to shut yourself in a windowless office and really think like a big, bushy beard.

Desmond: I do hate natural light.
Barley: I haven't even seen the sun since 1978.