Not Invented Here comic strip for 11/16/2011
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I like what Eliza has done with her office.

By the way, and not to start any religious wars, but clearly 2 spaces is the correct unit of indentation.


Desmond: ... and in figure 6 you can see the effects of increased indentation.
Eliza: These both look the same to me.

Desmond: Look harder!
Eliza: Really, Desmond, I can't get involved with these petty disputes. You and Umesh need to settle this between yourselves.

Desmond: Petty? We're talking about readability! Maintainability! Universal aesthetics!

Desmond: You're not listening anymore.
Eliza (now in a towel, with face mud treatment and cucumbers on her eyes): I never was.