Not Invented Here comic strip for 12/28/2011
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wait a second.. Umesh used to wear pink? Man, I wonder if he had a personality-changing brain injury too! Well that's a topic for another flashback, I guess.


Owen: Did you hear about the frat? We can't sue thanks to the waiver I signed, but my mom got them shut down.
Desmond: Oh yeah?

Owen: But I guess the President was on vacation and had no what was going on. So he's off the hook.
Desmond: Lucky bastard.

Cut to: Young Umesh and Frat Dude high fiving in front of a "fraternity closed" sign.
Umesh: Well, on th bright side that's one less competitor in the job market. Up top!
Frat Dude: Booyah!