Not Invented Here comic strip for 6/8/2011
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Owen picked up twelve gross of those bracelets as an investment. He was left behind on the whole Beanie Baby craze and he wasn't going to miss this boat. Unfortunately he didn't look closely enough before he handed over his money. They don't say "BFF", they say "BFD". Unironically.


Owen: So instead of predicting when the server will go down, their software tells you why it went down?
Desmond: It's called Freud; a perfect compliment to Nostradamus.

Desmond: We need to make a good impression, so don't bring up the merger proposal right away.
Owen: So I should give them their BFF bracelets first?

Desmond: Uh, well I think personal gifts might be a little inappropriate in a professional business relationship...
Owen: Is that why you don't wear yours?