Not Invented Here comic strip for 7/21/2011
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Krisha looks a lot happier now, don't you think? And that uniform - those colors are absolutely darling on him! Yes, both karmically and fashionwise, this might all have turned out for the best.


Umesh holds his phone out because someone is shouting so loudly.

Umesh (speaking into phone): Mother! Mother, stop shouting! It was my fault Krishna quit, but he's not coming back to India...

Umesh (speaking into phone): He can stay with me until he gets back on his feet, and until then I've found him another job to satisfy his immigration requirements.

Cut to: the coffee shop
Krishna (behind the counter in barista uniform, handing Owen a coffee cup): Cream and sugar?
Owen: Two bowls of each, please.