Not Invented Here comic strip for 7/27/2011
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Desmond looks very dignified in that suit.

(For those of you new to Not Invented Here, it's usually drawn a couple of orders of magnitude better, but I am helping Paul build up his buffer by drawing this week's strips. Explore our archive to see how it's supposed to look, and then buy our book to enjoy his art in full high-res glory.)


Owen: Damn! I forgot about that email again. It's been two weeks. Better get back to her.

Owen (typing an email): "Dear Liz, I don't know what puts out an electrical fire. Try Wikipedia? Thanks, Owen."

Desmond (wearing a dark suit, crying, holding a photo labelled "Liz"): Ready to go?
Owen: Not now. I'm on a roll!