Not Invented Here comic strip for 7/29/2011
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Today's rare bonus Friday strip is the culmination of an epic two-strip webcomics crossover. The prequel is over at Joel Watson's Hijinks Ensue. We both read about the amazing Fake Apple Store in China, and decided that our character Owen was the type who would get suckered in, and his character Joel is the type would take advantage of him. I can't promise that this strip is canon, because I'm not entirely certain how Owen got to China.

I am a longtime fan of Hijinks Ensue, which reads as an editorial cartoon documenting nerd culture. I wrote an incredibly mean (the truth hurts) foreword for his first book and I picked up his second last week at Comic Con. Needless to say you should buy both... after you buy ours.

Also, I did actually buy the new MacBook Air (I checked, and the shoebox lid, I mean keyboard, is backlit). I've been blogging about my experiences with it on my Google+ page.

(This is the part where I note that I don't usually draw the strip, Paul does, and when he does it looks much better. He's back on Monday.)


Joel and Owen are in a fake Apple store. On the table behind them an Etch-A-Sketch reads "WELCOME TO TOTALLY AUTHENTIC APPLE STORE".
Joel (in blue Apple Store t-shirt): Can I help you?
Owen: I was interested in the new MacBook Air.

Joel (handing Owen a Nike Air shoebox with "MACBOOK" scrawled over the Nike logo): Here you go.
Owen: Wait a second, what are you trying to pull here? I want to see the manager!

Joel (with a piece of paper folded over his head reading "MANAGER") What's the problem here?
Owen: This keyboard isn't backlit!