Not Invented Here comic strip for 8/11/2011
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sean the Venture Capitalist is (visually) based on my friend Sean, who is not a venture capitalist but a former hotshot developer, now a useless overpaid architect type, quietly vesting while spending his hours drawing flowcharts on whiteboards for customers who should know better, but probably don't.

Love you, man.


Sean the Venture Capitalist: … and from what Martin tells me, your product is nothing short of revolutionary!
Desmond: That's nice of him to say. It's also true.

Sean: It is a little odd that your CEO isn't here today.
Desmond: Oh yeah, he got kind of tied up at the last minute.

Sean: Don't I know how that is! Well, we want in. I'll send a term sheet over in the morning.
Desmond: That's great news.

Geordi and Desmond are walking away.
Geordi: How long can you put off introducing him to Owen?
Desmond: Heat death of the universe.