Not Invented Here comic strip for 1/24/2012
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hmmm. By show of hands who would buy this tape if we made it available as official Not Invented Here merchandise? I think I would. I think I'd buy it all.

UPDATE: Our IT Barrier Tape Kickstarter is live! Back it today and make this thing real!


Mike: Repair Squadron Alpha on the scene. Subject is a sedentary Pacific Islander, male, early 30s. Over.
Desmond: Uh, hello? Are you here to fix my computer?

Mike: Mike Oscar, Head of I.T.. We received a call from HR about an unauthorized repair attempt?
Desmond: Yeah, I already know what the problem is, so...

Mike: I need everyone out of this area while I establish a perimeter.
Desmond: Oh! Uh... okay...

Mike puts up tape reading "Caution: Helpless Luddites" and "Keep out: Computer Repair in Progress"
Desmond: Well that is just rude.