Monday, March 19, 2012

IT Barrier Tape: Bring Back Paul

Paul Southworth

It's been just a week and our IT Barrier Tape Kickstarter project is already 2/3 funded by over 100 backers! Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far AND I know there are a lot more potential customers out there. This is the perfect time for right-thinking folks to buy this unique artifact as a future gift for their friends, coworkers, team, company, or small municipality. Remember, the rules of Kickstarter say if we don't reach our minimum funding level no one gets anything.

What's next? Obviously bright yellow tape with an amusing slogan is its own reward, but as an incentive to spread the word (and possibly up your pledge), Not Invented Here artist emeritus Paul Southworth has agreed that if we reach the lofty level of $10,000 he will return from his luxurious retirement in the tropics to draw a week's worth of strips this summer. Many tears were shed when Paul left, so here's a chance to get another taste of his unique style. Pledge today!