Not Invented Here comic strip for 3/26/2012
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Damn it, Jeff, stop drawing awesome sunsets. STOP IT I SAY!


Geordi is at The Owenson's front door.
Owen: Oh... hey Geordi.
Geordi: Sorry to bother you guys at home.

Geordi: I have a science project due this week. Does Desmond have anything lying around I could use?
Owen: Maybe! Let's ask him...

Desmond (playing a video game): There's no need for profanity, gentlemen. W'ere all adults here! No, you're an assho--
Owen: Actually let's just help ourselves

IT Barrier Tape: Magnetic

Last week our IT Barrier Tape Kickstarter zoomed passed 100% ($5000) of our goal and now stands at over 150% ($7500)! We've decided to sweeten the pot a little bit - if we reach 200% ($10,000) not only will Paul Southworth draw a week of Not Invented Here this summer, but with every roll of IT Barrier Tape we'll also give out one of these handsome (and handy) 3.5"x2" magnets:

IT Magnet

Consider this a combination of a sincere thank-you and an outright bribe to mail all your friends who fix computers for a living.