Monday, February 18, 2013

Not Photographed Here II


We had so much fun making the Not Invented Here photocomics that we decided to do it again. Maurice Coleman and I reprised our roles as Desmond and Owen, Ang Moeny again valiantly photographed in bad lighting while putting up with our antics, and I managed to convince my old friends Umesh Madan and Sean Nolan, inspirations for the characters Umesh and Sean the VC, to play. The parts of our offices are played by their offices.

The first time around we shot first and wrote the story later, which made it a little tough to stitch the strips together. This time I wrote up a two page plot treatment, and we acted out the scenes therein. I wrote the dialog this morning. This was better, but if we ever do this thing again I'm definitely going full script, because I still found myself scrambling to find the right shot.

Also, this sequence is rather more involved than last time, a three week epic in fact. So if you don't enjoy photocomics, enjoy your vacation and we'll see you next month!