Not Invented Here comic strip for 6/22/2011
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's be honest, here. I'm sure Paul did his level best, but Owen's logo really does capture the essence of OWND software.


Paul: I'm done with the logo. Can you review the changes?
Desmond: Actually, um, we're going go to go with something Owen cam up with.

Paul: What do you mean?
Desmond: He's no graphic designer, but we feel that he really captured the essence of our--

Owen (showing the new OWND logo to a furious Paul): LENS FLARES MOTHER======!


Most of the folks who read this strip aren't going to the American Library Association annual conference this weekend in New Orleans, but a few of you are. And if you are, you've got a chance to purchase one of the handful of copies of Runtime Error I'm bringing along with me. They'll be for sale at the Unshelved booth #1751. Sadly Paul will not be on hand to sign or illustrate them (that's what the preorder is for), but I am certainly willing to try drawing Owen or Desmond. After all, I've done it before.

The next conference appearance of our book will be in July at Comic Con International in San Diego. Also without Paul. Does Paul really exist? No one knows for sure.