Not Invented Here comic strip for 8/13/2012
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Does today's strip look different to you?

Also, this isn't a general slam on I.T., it's just that Desmond has a bit of a history with his I.T. department.

Not Photographed Here

Bill and Maurice

In January I was at a library conference in Dallas. I sat down to have a beer with my friend Maurice Coleman, and did a serious double-take. "Maurice," I said, "you look just like Desmond." I explained about Not Invented Here, and how Jeff had recently taken over the art, resulting in different looks for the characters. Maurice took a look and agreed: he bore a striking resemblence to Jeff's Desmond.

We immediately hatched a plan for Maurice to cosplay Desmond at an upcoming conference. Then I observed that Owen's character design was originally based on me, so I should cosplay as him. Then my Unshelved partner Gene Ambaum suggested that we take photos and turn it into a comic. And so it came to be. In June, in Anaheim, at the American Library Association annual meeting, we posed, mugged, and generally messed around while my awesome friend Angela Moeny took photos. (Ang is a school librarian in Oregon and a volunteer for the CBLDF. See more of her photos here.) Maurice turned out to be a natural, we could all hardly keep straight faces. Special thanks to Equinox Software for letting us stage some shots in their booth.

I hope you enjoy reading Not Photographed Here (we've got a whole week's worth) as much as we enjoyed making them.